Jenaan has been well established in Egypt for over a decade in the agricultural sector.

Sharq Al-Owaynat:

Located 1,200 km south-west from Cairo near the Sudanese and Libyan borders with over 14,000 ha, Sharq Al-Owaynat project is a well-established operation, producing green fodder, corn silage, and wheat for export and the local market.

This project uses the central pivot irrigation system, also using water from the Nubian aquifer, which provides excellent quality and quantity of water.


Al-Noor Co. for Agricultural and Animal Investment SAE, a joint venture between Jenaan and a local businessman is currently the biggest operating buffalo milk farm in the region.  Established in 2002, it has worked on genetic improvement of the buffaloes in both milk yield and daily weight gain, utilizing exclusively artificial insemination of imported frozen semen from Italy.  It has over 1,500 heads, with about 1,200 females.