In Ethiopia, Jenaan is in the process of implementing three major, export orientated and fully integrated agricultural projects. These projects are being implemented through Tejaan Investment S.C., a joint venture with a highly-valued local entity – TIKOB Trading PLC (which in turn, has as shareholders some of the most prominent government and quasi-government entities in Ethiopia) to utilize local expertise and optimize involvement throughout the value chain.

  1. Livestock Fattening – focused on export of live cattle via the purchase of locally borne/reared cattle for fattening and processing.
  2. Livestock Dairy – focused on export of powered milk via the purchase of locally raised mother cows and calves.

These projects are large scale and focused on penetrating global markets, optimizing Ethiopia’s natural competitive advantages, i.e. proximity to export markets, existing strong Extension Program with farmers, trade/political alliances, and land availability.

In addition, Jenaan possesses in Ethiopia the rights to a natural spring for purposes of a spring water bottling operation.