Jenaan is the exclusive distributor of a range of brands with leading edge technology to produce Agricultural commodities in desert and semi desert areas. Due to our practical experience we realize the effort and cost associated with starting a farming operation from scratch.

As a value adding service and to create peace of mind, we offer a variety of turnkey solutions to potential Agricultural investors. With our vast practical experience we can ensure that investors avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes by implementing a tried and tested model, utilizing leading edge technology.


Jenaan has a team of experienced Engineers with a fleet of equipment to provide infrastructure of all kinds.

Drilling & Boreholes

Jenaan has six drilling machines available onsite to drill into the Nubian aquifer to depths of 400 meter.

Pipe Manufacturing

Jenaan has a state of the art pipe extrusion factory onsite with the capability to produce

Irrigation Solutions

A fixed irrigation system, suitable for desert and arid conditions was constructed to cover a continuous area of over 6 000 ha, evenly distributing simulated rain over 97% of the land.

Mechanization Solutions

Jenaan sourced the best Agricultural Advice available on the African continent from Terratek in South Africa.

Agricultural Advisory

Jenaan is also the exclusive distributor of various respected Equipment brands such as Krone, Landini, McCormick, Amazone, Amity and others.

Logistical Services

Jenaan has a highly qualified and experienced logistics team with a strong distribution network that supports delivery of forages to the Abu Dhabi Government and local farmers.

Input Supply

Due to the fact that Jenaan has to procure large volumes of input supplies for production of various types of crops and forages, we have a team of specialized buyers.