Social Responsibility

It is a unique value proposition, integrating local communities along with the whole value chain, transferring technology, expertise and wealth to the benefit of all stakeholders.
The benefits to a host country can be summarized as follows:
  • Direct foreign investment in infrastructure such as electricity network, communication towers,
  • Roads, warehousing, amenities, etc.
  • Foreign exchange earnings
  • Job creation and annuity income to local population,
  • Transfer of skills through accredited courses and training,
  • Direct benefit to local community in upgrading of facilities such as bore holes, mosques, etc.
  • Operational benefits for suppliers and local business partners,
  • Indirect benefits in the value chain such as hospitality and logistics industries,
      • Environmental friendly project through:
    • carbon sequestration
    • enriching virgin soils

As a responsible corporate citizen Jenaan realized the mammoth task to develop Sudan to the benefit of the Sudanese people. The projects in itself gave a huge injection to the Sudanese economy in initial investment, job creation and ongoing foreign exchange earnings.