Ametza Jenaan LLC. is a California based company and an affiliate of Jenaan LLC. It is one of the largest supplier of baled hay products in the southwest United States. Its products consist of Alfalfa, Bermuda Hay and Straw, Sudan grass, Kleingrass and Wheat Straw. With a team of buyers and network of growers across California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico, it has its own fleet of delivery trucks and hay double pressing machines operated by its subsidiary Mendi Logistics, LLC. Ametza can also arrange high quality custom double compression and shipping using Kuhn Hay.

Kuhn Hay double compress forage products from the American Southwest and Mexico and transport them around the world – to Asia, the Middle East and various other. Its industry-leading Ten Point Quality Control System ensures that the hay being shipped overseas arrives in the highest quality condition.  They offer a variety of packaging options to meet their customers specific needs. Kuhn Hay has one of the largest and most modern trucking fleets in the Pacific Southwest in line with their goal to deliver on time, every time.